Thursday, March 5, 2009

On the Author

Hello everyone or, at this point more specifically, "no one,"

I, Elliot Foster Smith, am a writer.

If you already know me, it is probably by the name "Elliot Smith," but as a writer this name is problematic. There recently lived a semi-prominent and very talented young guitarist, singer/song-writer by the name of "Elliott Smith," of whom I'm certain you've heard. His name is far too similar to mine for me to not take advantage of my middle name within my pen-name.

So, Elliot Foster Smith it is!

But, let us break down how it comes off:

--'Eliot' is a fun and quirky name, which I feel suits me and my writing.

--'Smith' is a down-to-earth and WASP-y, which is accurate enough.

--'Foster,' however, is a little bit higher brow and potentially pretentious than is probably true, so I suppose to keep up with this I will just have to hit it big as a writer to stop people from wondering why a starving writer would have such a name.


Now, what am I doing writing a blog?

Well, I've been writing all my life, be it in spiral notebooks, livejournals, myspace, moleskines, Facebook, etc.

So, why blogspot?

Why now?

I sure do ask a lot of questions, don't I? I'll try to work on that.

Either way, I'd like to formalize and collect my random scribblings into a convenient location for me and for anyone else who would like to read them. As per my nature, they will likely be entertaining, and more likely still entertaining for myself alone. So, read them with a grain of sait and pepper.

I hereby baptize this blog!

I will from here on out try to uncover the mystery of where exactly the homeless make love and, if all goes as planned, I will do so extremely inefficiently so as to always have something more to write here.

And as always,

Be Kind, Rewind...